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Basic principles of plastic color matching

Basic principles of plastic color matching

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The principle of small amount
Plastic color chosen colorants varieties as little as possible, in short if you can do it with a two color matching is not adopted three color matching, because many varieties to choose color of trouble not only, and easy to take complementary color gray color and choose the more varieties, these varieties due to factors such as dispersion tinting system error for the color sample and production.

The principle of Similar
Plastic color should pay attention to the selection of heat resistance of similar varieties or because of the difference in heat stability is too big, in the process of temperature changes will cause color changes.
Plastic color should pay attention to the selection of the dispersion of similar varieties, otherwise due to the dispersion difference is too big, such as the use of difficult to disperse organic pigment and easy to disperse inorganic pigment color, in the processing process due to shear force changes will cause color changes.
Plastic color should pay attention to the selection of similar performance of the pigment, should pay attention to the selection of light resistance and weatherability of similar varieties or the plastic products made up because of the difference in performance is too big, in the outdoor exposure, the color becomes unrecognizable.
The principle of Complementary color 
In the color match should prevent the introduction of complementary color, otherwise it will make the original color brightness become dim, and affect the color of the brightness of complementary color also known as complementary color complementary color usually synthesis of its two primary color outside the primary color called complementary color, such as orange is red and yellow color match, blue is complementary color;Green is yellow and blue color, red is complementary;Purple is composed of red and blue, yellow is complementary color such as red and blue match into purple, add a small amount of complementary color yellow when matching color, the color of purple will be dark, introduce more complementary color into gray.
Pay attention to the different colors of pigments when matching colors. For example, carbon black and titanium dioxide used in plastics are blue and yellow due to their different particle sizes. The colors of pigments are more different from each other.
Plastic color matching can never be resolved only depend on single species are added into the plastic colorants, despite the large variety of plastic colorants, but supply is limited, in the market to solve the limited varieties of colorant and unlimited color requirements, there is only one way to match colors, it is using some reasonable color match colors, with the required colour and lustre is another literature from the perspective of saving production cost reducing warehouse inventory, also need to use one of the few colorants to meet the requirements of many customers.
How each variable of the colorant dosage (varieties) record known to reproduce color vision features, price reasonable, and meets the requirements in the processing and molding and product use, this is an extremely complicated problem, so the plastic color is not as simple staining granulation plastic shading is a systematic project, only to detail every factors in this system, and elaborate design, can achieve low cost and high quality industry more skills are needed for the goal of this trick and expert knowledge.
The same color, pigment selection is appropriate, coloring quality and low cost;Pigment choice is not practical, color quality is bad, at the same time cost and high quality as the foundation, to ensure that the shaded optimization considering paint application performance object comprehensive changes in the interaction of formulation and application process, to select the suitable pigment, achieve the purpose of the optimal coloring, so plastic color matching is a pigment chemical polymer chemistry surface physical chemistry for the integration of systems engineering.


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