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Performance advantage and modification application of engine

Performance advantage and modification application of engine

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As one of the five engineering plastics, nylon has excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, processing properties, electrical properties, solvent resistance, flame retardancy and so on. As an engineering material, nylon is widely used in industrial machinery, transportation tools, electronic appliances and other fields.
Excellent performance advantages of engineering plastics nylon
Heat resistance: Nylon has a high melting point, and its thermal stability is greatly improved after modification. The thermal deformation temperature can reach up to 250.

Processing properties: Nylon is thermoplastic plastic, after melting in shear force under the action of low viscosity, good mobility, easy to shape processing.

Electrical properties: Under dry condition, nylon has good electrical insulation, which can be used as insulation material, especially high frequency insulation material. However, nylon is easy to absorb water and moisture, and its insulation decreases after moisture absorption.
Solvent resistance: Nylon has good chemical stability, alkali resistance and weak acid resistance. It is a solvent resistant plastic, which can be used in chemical and chemical instruments. In some environments where metals are easy to rust, such as water meters, nylon materials can be used instead.
Flame retardant: Nylon has good flame retardancy and is generally not easy to burn; adding antibacterial agents can make it have antibacterial and self-cleaning functions.
Modification and application of engineering plastic nylon
Laser engraved nylon: Material injection grade, black carved white, non-flame retardant, high gloss black, white carving black, halogen-free flame retardant, mainly used in electronic and electrical, automobile, home appliances and other fields.
Antistatic nylon: The material has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, long-term anti-static, dyeable, low cost, glass fiber reinforced, and is mainly used in household appliances, automobile interiors, etc.
Carbon fiber modified nylon: The material has the characteristics of high fluidity and surface resistivity of 10⁴~10¹²Ω.cm. It is mainly used in OA products, industrial wear-resistant products, electronic appliances, mobile phones, notebook shells, etc.
Injection molding grade magnetic conductive nylon: The material has the characteristics of high fluidity, medium magnetic properties and low cost. It is mainly used for printer magnetic roller, household electrical motor rotor, miniaturized motor rotor, automobile micromotor rotor and other parts.

Nylon for wading products: The material has the characteristics of high strength, high impact resistance, hydrolysis resistance, in line with GB / t17219, and is mainly used in water meter, water pump, etc.

Automotive nylon: The application of nylon engineering plastics in automobile field mainly lies in the engine peripheral and exterior decoration system: PPO / PA for fender, PA6 + MD20 for hub cover plate, semi aromatic nylon for rearview mirror shell, PA6 + MD20 for engine cover, PA + GF30 for intake manifold and PA66 + GF30 for water chamber.

Toughened nylon series: There are super tough and cold resistant nylon materials, reinforced and toughened nylon materials, filled and toughened nylon materials, which are mainly used in ties, baby carriage accessories, sports equipment, home appliances accessories, automobile accessories, etc.

Special nylon series: There are wear-resistant nylon materials / silencing nylon materials / metal texture, matte, highlight black and other aesthetic nylon materials / High-size stable nylon materials, mainly used in gears, bearings, textile accessories, automobile accessories, headphones, audio accessories, etc.

Long glass fiber reinforced nylon: Compared with short glass fiber, long glass fiber reinforced nylon has the advantages of high strength, high rigidity, high notch impact strength, short-term heat resistance and good fatigue resistance. It can still maintain good mechanical properties in high temperature and high humidity environment, and can replace metal as structural material.


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