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Analysis on consumption status and future development of pol

Analysis on consumption status and future development of pol

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Polypropylene (PP) has the low density of non-toxic processing as well as good impact resistance to bending and electrical insulation, is general resin heat resistance of the best products, can be applied to plastic squeeze tube blown film coated jet modified engineering plastics and other industrial and civilian areas such as plastic products, household electric and electronic products packaging materials in car industry building materials and furniture has a wide range of applications.

At present, the production technology of polypropylene in China mainly includes Unipol gas-phase fluidized bed polypropylene technology of dow chemical.The chandone vapor phase process of polypropylene corporation (formerly Asiatic petrochemical corporation), Innovene vapor phase process of Ineos corporation (formerly bp-amoco corporation), Spheripol process technology of Lyondell Basell corporation, Hypol technology of Prime Polymer corporation, Japan, and Spherizone multi-zone reaction process of Lyondell Basell corporationNovolen gas-phase process of NTH company (former BASF company) and the loop reactor process (ST process of sinopec) developed by China petrochemical corporation.
Consumption status
In recent years, with the constant improvement of technology of methanol to propylene and propane dehydrogenation (PDH) technology development, accelerated the expansion of downstream of polypropylene, polypropylene has been a steady rise in production capacity in China by the end of December 2018, China's polypropylene annual production capacity of 24.11 million t/a, is the world's largest polypropylene production country, accounts for about 31.0% of the world's production capacity.
In recent years, the demand for polypropylene in China has been increasing steadily. The apparent consumption of polypropylene in China was 12.95 million tons in 2010, increased to 2009 million tons in 2015, and further increased to 23.9 million tons in 2018, with a year-on-year growth of about 8.8%. The self-sufficiency rate of corresponding products was 70.8% in 2010, 83.9% in 2015, and 88.1% in 2018.
Polypropylene film products mainly for the production of woven products in China plastic injection products and textile products such as woven bag packaging bags and bundling rope and other knitting products is one of the largest consumption of polypropylene in China, the consumption accounts for about 29.5% of the total consumption of 2018, the main consumption of polypropylene gm material injection molding products is the second largest consumption areas, mainly for consumption of materials, mainly imported raw materials, especially for the washing machine auto parts such as high-grade special mostly in the form of processing with imported material, the high added value and high product quality requirements, the downstream enterprises with makings relatively fixed, 2018In 2018, the consumption of thin films and sheets accounted for 24.5% of the total consumption, mainly BOPP thin films. In addition, the consumption of fiber accounted for 13.7% and that of other aspects accounted for 4.8%.
Development prospect
In the next few years, with the change of the our country economic development pattern and the development of downstream industries and upgrade structure adjustment of our country there will be some changes in the consumption structure of polypropylene, including knitting products proportion will decline gradually, and copolymerization plastic injection proportion will gradually increase, such as the rapid development of electronic commerce and people's life rhythm and lifestyle changes to takeout industry rapid rise, promote transparent pp special material and thin wall plastic injection demand growthContinue to tighten will affect the real estate regulation policy of cement and other building materials demand growth of woven bag, other chemical products such as synthetic resin with heavy bags instead of plastic woven bag, will also be prompted woven products accounted for future decline such as BOPP film products will be widely used in food and clothing and other items of packaging, and per capita consumption level of ascension will guarantee the need of film products remain stable growth predicts 2023, demand of polypropylene in China will exceed 28 million tons.
Development tendency
(1) the capacity will be increased due to the current our country polypropylene products cannot meet the needs of practical production, because in the next few years, our country's new downstream of large oil refining, ethylene projects supporting the polypropylene device, large coal to olefin project and the private enterprise outsourcing methanol to olefin project outsourcing propylene downstream of propane dehydrogenation to propylene project also more choose polypropylene project development, result in polypropylene production capacity will still growing.
(2) Considering the coal to olefin project faced with crude oil prices falling and propane dehydrogenation increasingly strict environmental regulations slow economic recovery at home and abroad enterprise capital turnover, and many other uncertain factors are expected coal chemical project put into production and propane dehydrogenation rate will be decided in our country the decisive factors in its self-sufficiency rate of polypropylene production capacity and new equipment of more diversified investment subject,Including traditional petrochemical enterprises listed company private enterprises and joint ventures, feedstock route remains diversification direction, including route of naphtha MTO PDH enterprise operation mode will be further diversified, China petroleum and China petrochemical fade out the control ability to the market, China shenhua coal energy and large private refining enterprises and PDH factory occupy the market share will be greater and greater.
(3)With the increase of unit production capacity, its self-sufficiency rate of polypropylene in China's future will continue to rise, but the structural excess supply and supply situation still exists, on the one hand, the excess is the low end of the universal product, on the other hand, some high-end copolymerization polypropylene film grade polypropylene and fiber material will give priority to with imported products, the future competition will be further intensified, domestic general polypropylene market prices will be more competitive.
Development proposals
(1) with polypropylene capacity growth significantly higher than the growth of consumption in our country, the market will present the state of excess production capacity, therefore, in the future should be careful construction or expansion of the new device, especially when involved in the industry of coal chemical industry or propane dehydrogenation preparation of acrylic materials production enterprises, so as not to cause a waste of resources and economic losses.
(2) At present our country general polypropylene materials have been rendered overcapacity situation, high-performance high-quality products is still mainly rely on imports in the future should vigorously adjust the product structure, actively develop special material to develop high value-added products such as high crystallization of high rigid products high flow, high melt strength high speed high tensile BOPP film heat sealing film transparent packaging and blow molding thin-wall injection molding special materials such as high impact products gradually change the current situation of domestic high-end products mainly rely on imports of polypropylene, realizing the change of competition from cost competition to added value, avoid industry has appeared a preliminary structural overcapacity risks.
(3) constantly improve production technology, reduce production costs, and actively expand exports on the premise of meeting domestic demand, in order to resolve the domestic surplus of low-end products between supply and demand, so as to promote the steady and rapid development of China's polypropylene industry.


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